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Wine Blending

Château de Lisse

SCEA Château de Lisse is a 12 hectare vineyard in the rolling Agenais hills. Apart from the classic trio of Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet franc,  Tannat and the rare Carmenère are also grown here. The white grapes are Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc and the Pyrenean grape Petit Manseng.


The impressive chateau is available for events, wine tastings and weddings.

Château de Cabidos

The Domaine Viticole du Château de Cabidos is a 9 hectare vineyard specialising in both dry and sweet white Petit Manseng, with Syrah for the red.

The Béarn is blessed with long, sunny autumns which are perfect for allowing the bunches of grapes to semi-dry on the vine, a process  known in France as passerillage. This concentrates the flavours giving wonderful sweet wines with excellent balancing acidity.

There is such demand for our Syrah that we have recently grafted Syrah buds onto other existing vines, which will more than double our production.

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